ted dykstra

Theatre Review – Coal Mine Theatre/Tracy Letts’ Killer Joe

Under artistic curator Ted Dykstra and artistic producer Diana Bentley, Coal Mine Theatre has become synonymous with quality and professionalism. The venue may be a storefront on The Danforth, but Coal Mine productions are top of the line in terms of programming and theatrical values. The company likes to style itself off off Broadway in […]

Theatre Review – The Coal Mine/Mike Bartlett’s Bull

Sadly, I couldn’t get to The Coal Mine’s latest production until late in the run. I say sadly, because the play closes this weekend which means I’m trumpeting a superb theatre outing that is almost at its end. The Coal Mine, whose performing space sits under a pizza restaurant on the Danforth, is in its […]

Theatre Review – Stewart Lemoine’s The Exquisite Hour

This play is a charmer. It is also poignant and sentimental, yet laugh-out-loud funny. Sometimes we need gentle humour in our lives, and Lemoine, based in Edmonton, is not afraid to write plays that could be considered retro. All the more power to him. It’s understandable why Ted Dykstra took on the role of Zachary […]