Musings – Ontario Election 2018

On the night Donald Trump was elected, comedienne Jenna Friedman on a late night talk show summed up the situation perfectly with – “We’re fucked.” Never did I think that I would be in the same boat with a meathead elected as premier in my own province. Now it’s my turn to say, “We’re fucked.”

The only smart Ontario voters live in Toronto. I’m talking about the old Toronto, the real Toronto without Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough, all of which might as well be in the 905 belt. They are suburbs, not city. No Doug ford here. He didn’t deliver Toronto. All eight downtown ridings voted NDP.

I want to start a separatist movement. I want Toronto to secede from Ontario – just the old Toronto, the real Toronto. We who live in the city are at the mercy of Luddites and nincompoops. I am not a loyal Ontarian, not after this election.

Let’s feel sorry for the arts. We’re in for a rough four years. There probably won’t be an Ontario Arts Council by the time the Ford regime is through.

This is what passes for culture in the Ford family. One of Doug Ford’s bottle blonde daughters plays lingerie football. Yes there is an actual league. She tried out for the  Toronto team and posted her delight at making the cut. The outfit consists of a skimpy show-all bra and panties plus football gear – and she’s proud of it. I’m not kiddidng about this. Look it up.

I have always considered Doug Ford as his late brother Rob’s enabler. If Rob was an embarrassment, what are we in for now?

Remember that Doug Ford referred to Justin Trudeau as a “camp counselor” in a sneering reference to the latter’s leadership quality. He’s going to take us back to the Mike Harris/Stephen Harper days.

And let us not forget that Rob Ford wouldn’t march in the Pride Parade. He didn’t want the Rainbow flag flown at city hall either, if I remember correctly. Brother Doug is also a probable bigot.

Welcome to Trumpland, Canada style. The American moron has now a northern foothold.

Did anyone think that Doug Ford was drunk as he made his rambling acceptance speech?

And finally, attention Doug Ford voters. Remember the Chinese curse – be careful what you wish for. Ontario bad.

Regarding Rob Ford

First let me point out that the death of a relatively young man with a young family is a very sad story indeed. Rob Ford was only 46, after all. Nonetheless, within the adage of you don’t say anything bad about dead people, i’ve been very amused how Canada’s politicians have struggled to find the positives to say about the late Mr. Ford. My favourite is, “He was very dedicated to the city”. I wonder who thought up that bit of vagueness.

The truth of the matter is, Ford had to be stripped of his powers when the whole crack/cocaine scandal broke, which makes it incomprehensible to me that he is getting what amounts to a state funeral, the first in Toronto history for a former mayor, as I understand it. He might have been very dedicated to the city, but during his four years in office, not once did Ford ever attend the annual conference of big city mayors. Imagine the largest city in the country not being represented. I personally will never forgive him for trying to bring Conservative politics into municipal governance and playing cosy with the gone and unlamented Stephen Harper, the Calgary Dough Boy. As to not marching in the Pride parade, Ford was clearly a bigot.

How embarrassing was Rob Ford as my city’s mayor? Very, and here’s my proof. I was waiting for the trolley car in Aruba. With me at the stop was a lovely Argentinian family that spanned three generations. (Northerners are in Aruba escaping the winter, while South Americans are there escaping their summers.) They spoke practically no English, but with my deplorable Spanish, I was able to glean that the family lived in a town that was two hours flying time from Buenos Aires – in other words, completely out of the loop. When I told them I was from Canada, and when they then asked what city and I said Torornto, the six family members chorused in unison, “Rob Ford, Rob Ford!”. When Argentinians in the outback know about Toronto’s mayor and his scandals, that’s a huge problem. As for the very dangerous Doug Ford, Rob’s enabler, don’t get me started…

The Ford Nation people who are mourning the late mayor’s loss, and lining up to sign the sympathy book, I see as akin to our nieghbours to the south who are flocking to Donald Trump. You can clearly fool some of the people, some of the time.