Dance Review Luminato – Kira, The Path|La Voie/Lua Shayenne Dance Company

Kira is a feel good evening of African dance. The West African word means “path”, and through the relentless rhythms of the djembe drum, we make the sacred connection with Mother Earth. The concert features virtuoso dancing and eye-popping African percussion. Lua Shayenne is a much-admired Toronto choreographer and dancer who invited revered Guinean composer […]

Dance Review – National Ballet of Canada/Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This is my fifth or sixth go round with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2011), and I doubt that there is another dance version of Lewis Carroll’s beloved book that strives to be truer to the original in its epic sweep. Certain facts about the ballet remain constant. Christopher Wheeldon’s character-driven choreography is brilliant. Joby Talbot’s […]

Dance Review: Toronto Dance Theatre/Christopher House’s Persefony Songs

Christopher House, artistic director of Toronto Dance Theatre, is one of Canada’s more cerebral and intellectual choreographers. Throughout his career, he has made it a point to keep challenging himself. For the last three years he has been engaged in the Reimagining Repertoire Project where he goes back to an original piece, and builds a […]