Dance – Yvonne Ng’s Wei

Choreographer Yvonne Ng’s new piece Wei is highly articulated, physical and thought-provoking contemporary dance, performed by five excellent interpreters – Johanna Bergfelt, Irvin Chow, Mairead Filgate, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell and Kathia Wittenborn – to an evocative and imaginative original acoustic piano score by Nick Storring. Ng began with two questions – What makes us who we are? and When do we become us? As always, however, audiences find their own way through a dance piece, and what I saw was a series of storytellings. With each new patterning, different characters and relationships presented themselves. The dancers mirrored and contradicted each other. They supported and were contrary, welcoming and closed, curious and indifferent, as well as a host of other possibilities. Wei is an absorbing work by a veteran choreographer and a team of dancers who are at the top of their game. It’s playing at Native Earth’s Aki Studio until July 31.