Roy Thomson Hall and Attila Glatz Concert Productions – “Bravissimo! Opera’s Greatest Hits”

The opera gala Bravissimo! at Roy Thomson Hall is a great way to spend New Year’s Eve, particularly when the concert satisfies on every level.

The best sing was by Slovenian soprano Sabina Cvilak, a spectacular interpreter of the French repertoire with her crystalline sound and floating high notes. Italian soprano Chiara Taigi is an exciting spinto but a trifle over-indulgent. Canadian mezzo Wallis Giunta has a God-given talent but is a little too expressive for concert etiquette. Both Taigi and Giunta have to be careful of their vibrato tops.

Greek baritone Aris Argiris has it all – looks, voice and interpretation. Canadian tenor David Pomeroy nailed Nessun Dorma with a burnished sound that’s taking on punch.

Italian conductor Bruno Aprea does tend to drown out the singers on crescendi, but demonstrated a keen ear for drama and passion.

Mention should be made of just how glamorous the women singers were. All three had stunning lower registers as well.

In short, a marvellous concert.

Bravissimo! Opera’s Greatest Hits
Roy Thomson Hall and Attila Glatz Concert Productions Bruno Bruno Aprea, conductor
Featuring Sabina Cvilak, Chiara Taigi, Wallis Giunta. David Pomeroy and Aris Argiris (hosted by Rick Phillips)
Dec. 31, 2011

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