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The Philosopher’s Wife by Susanna Fournier is one of those deeply intelligent and subversive plays that would look at home being performed at Stratford’s Studio Theatre. It has just the right kind of heft and gravitas (not to mention wry humour) that would appeal to a smart and discerning audience.

The work is the first installment of The Empire Trilogy, a series of epics covering a span of 500 years that explore the effects of imperialism, both on –Read More

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A New Gig for Paula

June 17, 2018 – A New Gig for Paula

I am now a contributor to Ludwig van Toronto, an online magazine (mostly music) that is now branching out into dance and theatre. My first review for Ludwig van is The National  Ballet of Canada’s summer mixed program.

Ludwig van is a good-looking, informative magazine and I’m delighted to be a contributor for dance and theatre.

Here’s the link. Enjoy.

Musings – Ontario Election 2018

On the night Donald Trump was elected, comedienne Jenna Friedman on a late night talk show summed up the situation perfectly with – “We’re fucked.” Never did I think that I would be in the same boat with a meathead elected as premier in my own province. Now it’s my turn to say, “We’re fucked.”

The only smart Ontario voters live in Toronto. I’m talking about the old Toronto, the real Toronto without Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough, all of –Read More

TIFF Movies 2016 – Best and Worst

Saw 21 films, almost all of them enjoyable. Due to a broken neck, (I kid you not), caused by a very bad fall in early August, I had to construct a list of films where I didn’t have to switch theatres during the day. I also needed decent access because of my walker, so there are more big-budget English language movies than I would usually choose. My directors were largely women, although that was happenstance and not design. By coincidence, –Read More

Paula’s Picks and Pans

This week/weekend there is a deluge of openings. In dance, there’s ProArteDanza, Kathleen Rea, and Red Sky, not to mention Theatre Gargantua and the new music concert Unsound. One hopes they all find an audience.

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Theatre Review – Human Cargo Theatre/Theatre Passe Muraille – The Runner by Christopher Morris

Photo by Lyon Smith

Propelled by the magnificent performance of Gord Rand, the visionary direction of Daniel Brooks, and the profound script by Christopher Morris, The Runner is a spellbinding and disturbing theatre experience that is not to be missed.

Rand plays Jacob Cohen, a member of ZAKA, the Israeli organization that collects the body parts and blood of Jews who have been dismembered by bombings or mutilated in car accidents. These orthodox Jews believe that their co-religionists must be buried whole. –Read More

Theatre Review – In Association Production & Crow’s Theatre/What I call her by Ellie Moon

Photo by Dahlia Katz

What I call her is
a brave but troubled play – by the former, I mean in terms of subject matter;
by the latter, I mean in terms of writing and acting.

Playwright Ellie Moon clearly likes to tackle difficult
material. Her first play, Asking For it,
was a docudrama about sexual consent that was built around verbatim interviews
conducted  by Moon herself. It was a
sold-out hit. I wish I could say her second play was as strong.

What I call her has
a ­thought-provoking –Read More

Dance Review – Citadel + Compagnie/Citadel Dance Mix 18: choreography by Allison Cummings, DA Hoskins & Tori Mehaffey

Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Dance Review – Citadel + Compagnie/Citadel Dance Mix 18: Choreography by Allison Cummings, DA Hoskins & Tori Mehaffey, The Citadel/Ross Centre for Dance, Nov. 21 to Dec. 1, 2018. Tickets available at 416-364-8011, ext. 1 or

It’s hard to remember a time when the Citadel was not a part of the dance life of Toronto. Artistic director Laurence Lemieux’s latest venture, as part of the company’s Bright Nights Series, is Citadel Dance Mix –Read More

Theatre Review: Factory & Selfconscious Productions/We Keep Coming Back

Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Factory & Selfconscious Productions/We Keep Coming Back co-created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley, directed by Sarah Garton Stanley, Factory Theatre Mainspace, Nov. 14 to Nov. 25. Tickets available at 416.504.9971 or

 We Keep Coming Back is a chaotic production that is also absolutely compelling. As proof of the interest that the play generates, after every performance there is a discussion with the cast, and the night I attended, every member of the audience –Read More