Soulpepper – “Miklos Laszlo’s Parfumerie”

When Soulpepper gets something right, it’s usually very right. The revival of Parfumerie is a case in point.

The play contains references to Christmas, so it’s perfect for the season. The delightful story and characters can be revisited again and again.

Written by Hungarian master Miklos Laszlo in 1937, the story has been made into three movies and a Broadway musical. The witty 2009 Soulpepper adaptation by Adam Pettle and Brenda Robins captures the élan and ebullience of the original.

Oliver Dennis and Patricia Fagan play the battling employees of a cosmetics store who unbeknownst to each other, are, in reality, pen pals who love each other on paper.

Ken MacDonald’s set is a cream puff of pink, Dana Osborne costumes are wonderfully period, while director Morris Panych goes for the laughs without being over the top. The cast is first rate.

This production, a delicious confection of Kaffee mit Schlag, is well worth a visit.

Parfumerie continues at the Young Centre until Dec. 31.

Written by Miklos Laszlo, adapted by Adam Pettle and Brenda Robins
Directed by Morris Panych
Performed by Oliver Dennis, Patricia Fagan, Joseph Ziegler, Kevin Bundy, Michael Simpson, Jeff Lillico, Maev Beaty, Mike Ross, with music by Miranda Mulholland and Mike Ross
Young Centre
Dec. 8 to 31, 2011