Nina Lee Aquino

Theatre Review – Obsidian Theatre & Nightwood Theatre/School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play by Jocelyn Bioh

Among the many refreshing elements of Jocelyn Bioh’s School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play, is that it features schoolgirls who happen to be black. With a little customization, these girls could be Jewish, Italian, Chinese or whatever. In other words, this play allows us to see black girls in their own specific context, […]

Theatre Review – Nina Lee Aquino’s Every Letter Counts (Factory Theatre)

First of all, kudos to Nina Lee Aquino and Nigel Shawn Williams who stepped into the breech and planned a season for Factory Theatre after the big Ken Gass debacle. Their first effort is Aquino’s own play Every Letter Counts directed by Williams. It is a powerful story that, unfortunately, deserves a sharper treatment. The […]