Blyth Festival

Theatre Review – Blyth Festival 2019/Jumbo by Sean Dixon

The kindest thing to say about the Blyth Festival’s world premiere of Jumbo is that the play is not ready for prime time. Yet it should have worked, given the talent behind the project such as accomplished writer Sean Dixon and talented director Gil Garratt. I suspect that a lot of time was spent on […]

Theatre Review – Blyth Festival 2019/Cakewalk by Colleen Curran

Apparently, Cakewalk by Colleen Curran, which premiered at the Blyth Festival in 1984, and was remounted in 1986, has been one of the company’s most requested revivals. I actually saw both those shows and remember them fondly, so Curran’s zany comedy redux was welcome news. Happily, I can report that this 2019 production is right […]