The KETS Awards are coming! Stay tuned!

On Jan. 8, 2013, Paula Citron and Lynn Slotkin will unveil the second annual KETS Awards for theatre. These awards are a summation of Toronto/Stratford/Shaw theatre for the year 2012. After the successful launch of the 2011 KETS Awards, the theatre community saw just how thorough and diligent Citron and Slotkin were about attending theatre performances large and small, and more to the point, how acute and perceptive they were in awarding worthy recipients, thereby shoving the Old Boys’ Club (the male theatre critics) to the rear of the bus.

The 2011 KETS Awards can be viewed on both Citron’s website ( and the Slotking Letter.

KETS stands for the King Edward Tea Society. Citron and Slotkin are devotees of high tea at the venerable old hotel. It is over tea that the awards are discussed and decided upon.