Paula’s Picks and Pans

This week/weekend there is a deluge of openings. In dance, there’s ProArteDanza, Kathleen Rea, and Red Sky, not to mention Theatre Gargantua and the new music concert Unsound. One hopes they all find an audience.

3 thoughts on “Paula’s Picks and Pans

  1. Georgine Nash says:

    I saw you attending the “Doll House” program at CanStage theatre.
    What was your opinion of the performance?

    • sorry for the late reply. i thought the show was brave and eccentric. it was a complete outcry against modern life. i was fascinated by how far he would go in his chaos theory, and how much the audience would take.

  2. Georgine:

    I just found this comment. Please forgive me for not answering, but I was having website issues, and this your question magically appeared (a year later).

    So sorry.


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