I’ve Been Missing in Action – Blame the Internet

In December, I was upgraded by Bell to fibre optics because my modem speed was so slow, and so my troubles began.The braindead subcontractors who put in the fibre optics ended them in our mechanical rooms and not in the actual units themselves. As a result, I did not have a stable internet connection and had to keep rebooting my modem (which required my phoning my concierge to send the patrolman to open the door because we mortal owners/tenants don’t have the key). It became impossible to maintain any length of time on my website, so I couldn’t post, and my apologies to those shows that were slated for reviews on my website and never got them. The Ludwig van Toronto reviews got posted because they took a bare minute on the LvT website. I was visited by five Bell technicians and was given three different modems, and nothing worked. I even rented the expanders. By January, when I left for my month in Aruba, I still did not have the internet, and this ridiculous situation carried on when I got back in February. Since I am writing this, I clearly have the internet. Holes were drilled, wires were pushed through, and the modem now sits in its full glory in my den. I also have twice the speed. Bell is now engaged in putting fibre optics into every unit, and it is, as promised, a better technology than copper. The only problem is, it took forever to get there. You have to wonder why a big conglomerate like Bell would hire a substandard contractor in the first place. Apparently, Bell was shocked when they found out the fibre optics never reached our individual units. You’d think someone would have checked!