DANCE OPENINGS. Nov. 18 to 24.

DANCE OPENINGS. Nov. 18 to 24.

Hi-Fi: Rumschpringe. Dancemakers. AD Michael Trent has turned the fall season over to his company members who have come up with their own creation. Rumschpringe is the Amish word for growing up and leaving the nest. [email protected](Opens Nov. 20).

Speak, Love. Black and Blue Productions. Sasha Ivanochko has choreographed a lovers’ conversation duet for herself and Brendan Wyatt, inspired by the writings of Rumi and Roland Barthes. Nov. 21.)

Innovation. National Ballet of Canada. AD Karen Kain invites Canadian choreographers to create new works for the company. Features world premieres by José Navas, Robert Binet and yes, the Grand Poo-Bah himself, James Kudelka. Also, a new work by Guillaume Côté. Nov. 22.)

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