Sony Centre – “Ukrainian Shumka Dancers”

When the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers perform a hopak in full tilt, it is goosebump-­‐inducing excitement – the men with their breathtaking gymnastic tricks, the women with their unbelievably fast turns.

Shumka means whirlwind, and that is the perfect name for this 40-­‐member, Edmonton-­‐based dance troupe. The show Shumka at 50 celebrates the company’s golden anniversary with a production that’s crammed full of spectacular costumes, lavish scenic backdrops, and, of course, virtuoso dance.

In its very beginnings, Shumka was created by Ukrainian immigrants to keep their dance radition alive in the New World. Shumka is no longer just an ethnic dance company. It also produces original choreographed production numbers to commissioned music.

It’s important to note that the talented Shumka dancers have day jobs. They have always been volunteers drawn from the community at large.

Shumka gives bang for the buck. This vibrant company is consummately professional, well-­‐rehearsed, and high energy. They never disappoint.

Beginning in Feb. 2012, Shumka at 50 will tour across Canada.

Shumka at 50
Ukrainian Shumka Dancers
Sony Centre
Nov. 25 and 26, 2011